Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mini Jack-o-Lantern

Ok so whilst Halloween is best known as an American tradition (although I believe it actually started in Ireland, correct me if I'm wrong though), it is definitely gaining popularity here in Australia.

Each year more and more merchandise is hitting the stores in prep for it. We still only get one or two knocks on the door by trick or treaters but we know of more people having costume parties to celebrate the day. 

Next year I'd love to have a Halloween party. It's not good timing for us this year as we are due very soon with our second daughter. 

That aside, whilst I was doing my food shopping today I came across these epically cute "Mini Jacks".

 They're about the size of an orange and cost $2. I couldn't resist and bought one, that I will probably carve in the next couple days. It is my first carving of a pumpkin so I'm pretty excited.

I did TMNT watermelon last year but that was because it looked cooler in a green shape than orange. Also I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin.

Still undecided what to do for its face, but I think it will be a character of some sort and not just a scary smile.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

DIY Kids Superhero Mask

Here is a quick and simple tutorial for making a mask for yourself or your little ones. They are cheap to make and only take about 30 minutes (plus a little drying time for the glue.

What you will need:

Craft foam in the colour of your choice
Mask stencil (plenty of templates can be found on Google)
Glue (I used fabric glue, just because  had it handy, you could use pva too)
Permanent Texta

To make:

First cut out your template, and check the sizing on your or your child/rens face. I measured my daughters face first and then drew a stencil to fit.

Once you are happy with the size trace it onto your foam and cut it out.

Cut your ribbon to the desired length, measuring from your temple, ensuring you have enough excess to tie it at the back.

Using some of the scrap foam, cut out two small pieces just wide enough to cover the end of your ribbon.

Glue the ribbon to the back of the mask and press to secure. Over the ribbon, glue the small pieces of foam so that the ribbon won't rub on the face and hold to secure.

Once the glue has dried, flip your mask over and draw carefully around the edge of the mask and eyes to give the mask a little quick detail. (You don't need to add the outline, I just felt it finished off the mask well)

And then you have a finished mask :)

Wear and be super!
Here's my little Miss Jellybean modelling her mask